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Entrepreneurship Educationand Poverty Alleviation in North-Western Nigeria: Evidence from the Polytechnic Graduates

Attahiru Buhari
Dahiru Muhammad Maguru


This paper indicates and emphasizes the entrepreneurship education as the potentially st emerging human resource in the 21 century in the North-western part of Nigeria graduates. In Nigeria, the idea of infusing entrepreneurship into education has spurred much enthusiasm in the last few decades. Much knowledge is not found about the economic relevance of entrepreneurship education in developing youth empowerment programs and the effect of these programs on society and economy. The development of entrepreneurism is very low in this region of the country specifically among the graduates. Entrepreneurship education development is an essential part of human resource development. And from indication we can see that economic development of the today's graduates is crucial for economic development of any country specially a developing nation like Nigeria. In this paper report, an attempt has been made to study the opportunities entrepreneurship education that the North-western graduates of country face in the present times and the relevance support this could give towards development of Nigeria economy and unemployment reduction. With regard to this study, results were derived through questionnaire-based study of a sample of 750 graduates' students of 5 polytechnics from 7 States of the region of North Western Nigeria. Probability sampling has been adopted to give chance to every respondent for selections. SPSS was used to analyze the data.

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