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Design of stand-alone solar energy for rural dwellers in Zamfara State, Nigeria

Bilyaminu Auwal
Shafa'atu Muhammad Sani


The convenient way to provide rural areas that have no admission to the utility grid and far from the grid is stand-alone solar energy; the size of the photovoltaic array depends on the energy required for a rural dweller. Therefore, this paper takes an organized and technical approach to predict the minimum energy demand of rural inhabitant. The load demand had forecasted; the PV module, DC-DC boost converter, transformerless inverter had designed and simulated using MATLAB/Simulink in this work. Analysis of PV array, open-loop DCDC boost converter, closed-loop DC-DC boost converter was carefully studied and decided the most desirable suitable for residential utilization. Battery management system (BMS) and smart technology had also incorporated in the model. The researcher proposed to design a solar energy system that will provide clean drinking water, communication for satellite receiver, education, lighting and security for the rural resident in Zamfara state, Nigeria

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