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Review of Possible Solutions to the Causes and Effects of Project Abandonment using Engineering Approach and Terminologies for Sustainable Economic Development in Nigeria

Auwalu Mohammed Shinkafi


In recent time, many projects are either uncompleted or abandoned In Nigeria. This paper evaluates the causes, negative effect on economy as well as possible solutions of projects abandonment in Nigeria and its impact on the immediate community. Data was collected through personal interview, questionnaire administration and reviewing of existing literature and journals which formed the data base and were analyzed by the relative important index (R.I.I.). The result obtained from this study revealed the causes of project abandonment as lack of project planning, inadequate project funding, price inflation, wrong estimate, faulty design, incompetent project managers and contractors, variation of project scope, death of client or contractor, delay payment and political factor. Economic effects of project abandonment include: waste of resources, decrease in employment opportunities, shortage of revenue to the government, disappointment of the users and difficulty in attracting foreign loans and investors. Solutions to these negative effects on our economy for sustainable growth and development are identified as: Adequate project planning should be undertaken by the client or his/her consultant and should possess enough fund before embarking on the project, also engaging contractors that have strong financial stand for their projects is another possible solution to this problem. Good accountability, transparency, fairness, honesty and integrity should be our culture. Government on it part should make strong effort to reduce inflation and whenever there is change in government, the projects embarked upon by previous administrations should not be abandoned.

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