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Investigations in to the use of stone dust and ceramic scrap as aggregate replacement in concrete

Alyasa'u Jafaru


The study was conducted to investigate into the use of stone dust and ceramic scraps aggregate replacement in concrete.The methodology adapted was to compare 2 specimens of cube and beam.Three concrete cubes of 150mmx150mmx150mmsize were tested to determine compressive strength and another three beams of 100mmx100mmx400mm were tested to determine the flexural strength. These Samples were tested after curing for 28days. In the fine aggregate, the maximum mass detained was in sieve of 2.36mm with 100g and the 150 microns with the least mass of 7.41g were used. The coarse aggregate the maximum mass detained in sieved of 40mm with mass of 100g and the 2.36mm with the least mass of 5.10g were used. The experimental test results recorded show that strength of concrete hasincrease at same point due to usage of stone dust as fine aggregatewhile the ceramic scraps subjected as coarse aggregate recorded in reducing strength. The stone dust can be used as conventional fine aggregate. And ceramic scrap can be partially used to replace conventional coarse aggregates up to 20% without affecting its structural significance.

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