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A variable Qos-Aware(VQA-CAC) algorithm for LTE networks

Shehu Mohammed
Aminu Alhaji Suleman


Long Term Evolution (LTE) network is one of the broadband wireless access technologies, which is considered as an all IP network to provide Quality of Service (QoS) guarantee for end users according to the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) specifications. The 3GPP specifications define QoS parameters for each type of traffic, but do not specify QoS algorithms such as Radio Admission Control (RAC) and scheduler. Several RAC and scheduling algorithms have been proposed to provide QoS while efficiently utilize network resources. However, these algorithms are inappropriate to guarantee QoS to diverse applications due to changes in population density or application distributions as well as dynamic characteristics of network traffic such as minimum rate and delay requirements. In this paper, a variable QoS-Aware (VQA-CAC) algorithm will be proposed to reduce the waste of resources while ensuring QoS to diverse applications by introducing a dynamic degradation mechanism. Discrete Event Simulator (DES) will be used to evaluate the performance of the proposed algorithms such as LTE Simulator and OPNET. Substantial simulations will be extensively conducted to evaluate the performance of the proposed algorithms in comparison to the existing CAC and scheduling algorithms. Simulation results will be compared in terms of throughput, average delay and packet loss as well as new call blocking and handoff dropping rate probabilities. The results will show that the proposed algorithms provide QoS guarantee to subscribers/users' satisfaction and increase revenue of service to providers.

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eISSN: 2630-6638
print ISSN: 2630-6980