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The effects of social networks on English Language Teaching

Shehu Ibrahim Yarkofoji
Abubakar Umar Jangebe


It is now an established fact that the use of technology facilitates teaching and learning in English language classrooms. With the advancement of technology, social networking websites have emerged too. Social networking sites have been quite popular among various age group users particularly the young users since their invention. Also, they are conceived to be able to motivate (Greenhow, Robelia, & Hughes, 2009) and expose learners to the authentic use of the target language (Baralt, 2011). This paper examines what are the social networks and brief history of some of them. It also goes further to look at the technology of social networks such as face book, WhatsApp, telegrametcand language teaching through the use of various researches conducted on social networks and language teaching around the globe. Moreso, educational implications of social networks are highlighted. Lastly, suggestions were offered and conclusion was drawn.

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