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SOCl<sub>2</sub> catalyzed cyclization of chalcones: Synthesis and spectral studies of some bio-potent <sup>1</sup><i>H</i> pyrazoles

K. Ranganathan
R. Suresh
G. Vanangamudi
K. Thirumurthy
P. Mayavel
G. Thirunarayanan


Some aryl-aryl 1H pyrazoles have been synthesised by cyclization of aryl chalcones and hydrazine hydrate in the presence of SOCl2. The yields of the pyrazoles are more than 85%. These pyrazoles are characterized by their physical constants and spectral data. The infrared, NMR spectral group frequencies of these pyrazolines have been correlated with Hammett substituent constants, F and R parameters. From the results of statistical analyses the effects of substituent on the spectral frequencies have been studied. The antimicrobial activities of all synthesised pyrazolines have been studied using Bauer-Kirby method.


KEY WORDS: SOCl2, 1H Pyrazolines, IR spectra, NMR spectra, Hammett substituent constants, Antimicrobial activities


Bull. Chem. Soc. Ethiop. 2014, 28(2), 271-288.