Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Ethiopia

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Synthesis and crystallographic characterization of new heterotrinuclear oxo-centered complex

M. Eftekhar, H. Tavakkoli, I. Khosravi, A. Ghaemi


New oxo-centered trinuclear mixed-metal complex, of [Fe2ZnO(CHCl2CO2)6(CHCl2CO2)3].NO3 was synthesized by the direct reaction between metal nitrates and dichloroacetic acid. These compounds have a typical μ3-oxo trinuclear structure: (a) three metal atoms are situated in the apexes of the equilateral triangle; (b) μ3-oxygen atom and six dichloroacetate ligands fulfil the bridge functions and (c) the monodentate CHCl2CO2 ligands complete the octahedral geometry of the metal ions. This complex were characterized by elemental analyses (CHN), atomic absorption spectroscopy and spectral (IR, electronic) studies. This is new types of oxo-bridged mixed-metal complex in which the carboxylate ligand is dichloroacetic acid. The UV spectra of the complex exhibited strong bands in the region 213 and 257 nm which are related to the (π → π*) and (n → π*) transitions of the CHCl2CO2 ligands, respectively. The IR spectra of this compound showed two strong stretching vibrations bands, indicating a bridging coordination mode of the carboxylic group by presence of νasym (M2M'O) vibrations of the ligand in the infrared spectra.


KEY WORDS: Oxo-centered, Trinuclear complexes, Carboxylic ligand, Crystallographic data, IR spectra


Bull. Chem. Soc. Ethiop. 2018, 32(3), 491-500.


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