Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Ethiopia

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Kinetic and thermodynamic study of oxidative degradation of acid yellow 17 dye by Fenton-like process: Effect of HCO3−, CO32−, Cl− and SO42− on dye degradation

J. Khan, M. Tariq, M. Muhammad, M. H. Mehmood, I. Ullah, A. Raziq, F. Akbar, M. Saqib, A. Rahim, A. Niaz


We report here the degradation of AY-17 dye using Fenton-like process (H2O2/Fe3+). The maximum degradation (83%) of AY17 dye is achieved at pH 3 in 60 min, with optimum concentrations of AY 17 (0.06 mM), H2O2 (0.9 mM), and Fe2+ (0.06 mM). The scavenging effects of HCO3, CO32−, Cl and SO42− on dye degradation are also examined. The activation energy (Ea), activation enthalpy (rH*), and activation entropy (rS*) are calculated for the dye degradation using pseudo-first-order kinetics at various temperature.


KEY WORDS: Acid Yellow 17, H2O2/Fe3+, Fenton-like process, Oxidative degradation, Scavenging effects


Bull. Chem. Soc. Ethiop. 2019, 33(2), 243-254.

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