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Microwave dielectric relaxation & polarization study of binary mixture of methylethylketone with nitrobenzene

A. P. Maharolkar
A. G. Murugkar
P. W. Khirade
S. C. Mehrotra


Present paper reveals detailed study of dielectric relaxation and dielectric polarization and physicochemical study of binary polar-polar liquid mixture i.e. dielectric constant, relaxation time, viscosity, density of methylethylketone (MEK) with nitrobenzene (NB) at 303 K. The measured dielectric and physicochemical parameters employed to acquire additional derived properties like Bruggeman factor, molar refraction and excess properties like static dielectric constant, excess inverse relaxation time, excess molar volume, excess viscosity, excess molar refraction, Gibbs free energy, and enthalpy of activation. The variation of this parameters with composition of these quantities has been used to explain the type, strength and nature of intermolecular interactions between MEK+NB binary mixture. Attained results authenticate that there are strong hydrogen-bond interactions between unlike molecules of different groups of MEK+NB mixtures and that 1:1 complexes are produced and strength of intermolecular interaction rises with rise in concentration of MEK.


KEY WORDS: Bruggeman factor, Excess inverse relaxation time, Dielectric polarization


Bull. Chem. Soc. Ethiop. 2019, 33(2), 349-358.