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Determinants of brand performance: empirical evidence from Tanzanian brewing companies

Augustine Mmasi
Hussein Athumani Mwaifyusi


The importance of brand performance is growing in both academia and practice. However, little attention has been directed toward identifying the determinants of brand performance in brewing companies. Consequently, the current study examines the effects of brand attitude, brand awareness and brand reputation on brand performance as discussed in the literature. Descriptive research design was used in this study. Convenience sampling was used to select 122 customers of Serengeti Breweries Limited (SBL) and Tanzania Breweries Limited (TBL). Data was collected by using structured questionnaire. Multiple regression analysis was performed with the aid of IBM SPSS version. The empirical results showed that brand awareness, brand attitude, and brand reputation are directly associated with brand performance. However, the findings reveals that brand reputation is the strongest predictor of brand performance. The study concludes that brand attitude, brand awareness and brand reputation are the main determinants of brand performance. The study recommends that brewing companies should invest more on brand attitude, brand awareness and brand reputation in order to see their brands are performing well in the market. The findings provide insight to management of the brewing companies with regard to establishing strategy to increase brand performance. Also, this study contributes to the literature by offering a novel conceptualization and empirical validation of the constructs of brand attitude, brand awareness, brand reputation and brand performance.