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Comparative study of the thermal performance and emission levels of an existing and modified coal/biomass burning stove

C Ketlogetswe, PT Odirile, S Sebusang, M Letsatsi


The emergences of sustainable development programmes and the problem associated with over-harvesting of woo(/fuels have increase concerti for the environment. In particular the demand to reduce   greenhouse gas has prompted the use of biomass ineluding woodfuels in small power generation and in combined heat and power systems in the (Ieve/oping world. Thus increasingly, sustainable use of energy resources is shifting towards efficient use of alternate fuels such as biomass. The paper describes an experimental stu(fy to determine the thermal  performance of a household cooker stove before and after being modified through internal fining with refractory material. The stove was charged with jive (5) selected wood species and a number of parameters, such as temperature projile amI flue gas composition were measured.  Experimental evidence points to an improvement in the length amI peak temperatures of combustion on the modified stove than in the unfined one.

Key works: household cooker stove, combustion of biomass

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