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Persistence of urban-rural linkages among men and women in Botswana: the case of low income residents in Gaborone

GN Lesetedi


This paper examines the nature of the linkages that men and women residing in low-income residential areas in Gaborone maintain with families in their home villages. It is based on quantitative data taken from a study undertaken a few years ago. The data reveals that both men and women maintain linkages with their rural kin through practices such as participation in social andeconomic activities, ownership of property, and exchange of money and goods as well as visits. The majority of the people interviewed felt that urban residence had strengthened social ties with their rural-based family members. Most viewed Gaborone as a place to work in and their village as their real home. There were no significant gender differences in the linkages.

Keywords: Migration; urban-rural Linkages; gender

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