Long-term histories of land use and rapid urbaniSation of rural areas: A case study of Gaborone and its hinterland

  • SM Mothulatshipi
  • S Merlo
Keywords: Urbanisation, Gaborone, sustainable management, urban planning, archaeological landscape


This article examines the inter-linkages between sustainable planning and current procedures of archaeological impact assessment (AIA) in the context of urban expansion in Botswana. The case of Gaborone is used to demonstrate how land allocation for urban development operates in a legislative vacuum with regard to the safeguarding of archaeological sites in their landscape context. This is problematic not only because it endangers the preservation of the cultural heritage of the country but also because it drastically alters a natural and cultural landscape. The authors reflect on how consideration of the long-term history of a landscape can and should contribute to urban planning strategies that, through the incorporation of concepts such as historical urban landscapes and sustainable social and economic development, could lead to a more equitable management of land and socio-economic resources in areas of rapid urbanisation.

Keywords: Urbanisation; Gaborone; sustainable management; urban planning; archaeological landscape


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eISSN: 1019-1593