Towards a framework for the densification of urbanising areas in Botswana: the case study of Palapye

  • S Rampape
  • MK Minyoi
Keywords: Densification, Sprawl, Smart Growth


Current urban development in Botswana tends to be in a low-density outward-growth manner on the fringes of urbanising areas. Such growth constitutes sprawl and is visible in most urbanising areas of Botswana. The main assertion of this paper is that inadequate planning intervention and lack of coordination among those involved in land-use policy plays a major role in causing low-density outward growth. A case-study method is employed together with analysis of both primary and secondary data sources to highlight the extent of sprawl in these urbanising areas. It is argued that densification will help in achieving sustainable development by increasing gross residential densities and focusing development around built-up areas and transit routes, while discouraging further outward growth. The paper proposes smart growth strategies to encourage the densification of urbanising areas. Smart growth strategies produce a supporting framework for focusing growth to inner areas, thus making growth transit-accessible. It promotes higher density and more compact development with integrated land use.

Keywords: Densification; Sprawl; Smart Growth


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eISSN: 1019-1593