Appraisal of Steyr 8075 tractor model for optimum performance in Ondo state, Nigeria: defects and suggested improvements

  • EO Atanda Federal Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Mechanics and Machinery Operators Training Centre (AMMOTRAC), PMB 636 Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria


The Steyr 8075 tractor model is a Nigerian assembled tractor which is manufactured in Austria. A critical appraisal of this tractor commonly used for farm operations in Ondo State, Nigeria was undertaken. Certain defects were observed such as wrong positioning of the radiator, battery and hydraulic hoses. Other defects included absence of fuel lift pump and sediment bowl, non-partitioning of the transmission box and the engine crank case, badly positioned check rods and use of poorly heat treated materials for constructing both the coupling point for drawbar pull and coupling assembly for top link. It is deduced that if necessary improvements in the defects appraised are made as suggested in this paper, the performance of this tractor model will be improved. Some recommendations are made for meaningful selection and procurement of farm tractors and other agricultural equipment whether assembled locally or imported into the country. This is also to ensure protection of the Nigerian agricultural machinery industry from being flooded with sub-standard products.

Keywords: Steyr 8075, tractor, field operations, agricultural machinery, Ondo State

Botswana Journal of Technology Vol. 14(2) 2005: 58-65

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eISSN: 1019-1593