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Some physical and mechanical properties of palm kernel shell (PKS)

IM Dagwa, AO Ibhadode


In this study, some of the mechanical and physical properties of palm kernel shells (PKS) were evaluated. These are moisture content, 7.8325 ± 0.6672%; true density, 1.254 ± 5.292 x 10-3 g/cm3; bulk density, 1.1248g/cm3; mean rupture force along width, and thickness were 3174.52 ± 270.70N and 2806.94 ± 498.45N for small size PKS respectively. While the mean rupture force along width and thickness for big size PKS were 3884.61± 878.16N and 3270.59 ± 1083.53N respectively. Apparent porosity is 10.98%. Water absorption capacity 19.85 ± 2.065%; thickness swell in water 3.54%; oil absorption capacity 6.845 ± 0.175%; thickness swell in oil 2.33%. The data base generated from this experiment could be used in new areas of PKS applications.

Keywords: Palm Kernel Shell, Physical Properties, Mechanical Properties
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