Applicability of participatory approach in a community infrastructure upgrading project

  • E.A.M Mjema
  • J.A.A Mtana
Keywords: Participatory Approach, Project Management


The purpose of this study was to explore the nature and extent of community participation through analysis and review of the concept of “Participatory Approach” and its applicability in a Community Infrastructure Upgrading Project (CIUP). The approach used to get the data was through case study using quantitative and qualitative methods. Data were collected through interview, questionnaire and observational methods. The research established that participatory approach failed in this community because the people failed to comprehend the purpose of the project knowledge, which resulted into low level participation in the planning, implementation and decision making processes. The community representatives, who were supposed to disseminate the information back to the community, had low level of education, which resulted into inability to grasp the intent of the project and to disseminate that knowledge back to the community. The study explored problems associated with application of participatory approach and the challenges encountered during its applications in this particular community. It is concluded that participatory approach in this project failed in the implementation because the poor attendance of meetings, lack of awareness about the project, less participation and involvement in planning, implementation and decision making.

Key words: Participatory Approach, Project Management


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eISSN: 1019-1593