Cameroon Journal of Agricultural Science

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Effect of harvesting techniques on cumulative yields of huckleberry (Solanum scabrum) in the humid forest region of Cameroon

M Messia, S Zok, E.E Ehabe, C Poubom


Traditional leafy vegetables form a major part of the diets and incomes of rural and urban households in Cameroon. However, despite their relative importance, information on their management is scanty. This study was undertaken to evaluate the influence of different harvesting techniques used at first harvest on the subsequent fresh and dry shoot yields of Solanum scabrum. Two accessions of S. scabrum were used as main plot treatments with four harvesting techniques as subplot treatments in a split-plot arrangement. A linear relationship was observed between the cumulative fresh and dry shoot weights. Irrespective of the harvesting technique adopted, the two accessions gave similar cumulative fresh and dry shoot weights. However, harvesting the plants while leaving one or no lateral shoot gave significantly
higher subsequent cumulative shoot yields than with the standard practice of plucking the shots at random.

Key words: Huckleberry, Solanum scabrum, cumulative fresh shoot yields, shoot dry yields
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