Aging gracefully through physical exercises and healthy living

  • Obi Agburuga
  • I.E. Ekpenyong


Aging is a part of human experience. Each new day that passes makes a person one day older. As we age, our ability to burn the same number of calories as we  did when we were younger changes. The reason is that the body organs are not as efficient as they use to be, muscle mass diminishes and hormonal changes  occur. All of these factors combined result in weight gain, loss of mobility, cardiovascular diseases, short lifespan, inability to lose body fat and spending fortune on  medications where graded exercises could be of great help. Hence, regular involvement in physical exercises plays significant role in making the senior citizens  age gracefully by preserving the quality of life and independence among them and not only reducing illness and mortality. Therefore, this paper focused on the role  of physical activity in healthy aging. It discussed the concept of aging, the meeting point of aging and exercises, diseases associated with aging, importance of  exercise and how to motivate the senior citizens to exercise. It was recommended that the aged should avoid sports where there is a risk of collision with    opponents or stationary objects.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2971-6632