Internet and communication technology, a space for internet fraud: Cyber security via computer usage in educational system

  • ThankGod C. Olowu
  • O. Obot
  • P. Usip


Today’s society is a technological driven and Information Communication and Technology ICT dependent enhanced by educational learning. Although,  the internet offers wide range of opportunities for the users to communicate with ease, socialize, achieve, improved job performance and maintain close  relationship with others across the globe but there are also risks on other hand. Internet fraud, one of the evils of our time, is becoming a big threat to  the society and individuals whose daily activities depend on the use of the computer technology. This paper highlights some of these ICT tools used via  computer, examined the fears regarding cyber security threat, highlighted types and nature of threats, stated some causes of internet fraud and the  effects of internet fraud. The exponential increase of this crime in the society has become a strong issue and the cyberspace becoming unsafe which  cyber fraudsters use the ICT to monitor gas and chemical plants on a safe ground to them for the sales of petroleum products on illegal marketing of the  products known as bunkery. This paper provides information that will help the computer and cyber users to be security conscience and as well as to  understand different methods internet fraudsters adopt their strategies. Recommendations proffered includes keeping sensitive information about  transactions safe, to always ignore e-mail requiring sensitive information, the use of strong password and administrators to be cyber security conscious  amongst others.


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eISSN: 2971-6632