Scriptural rulings on blasphemy: The Shari’ah perspectives

  • Gafari Ibitoye Ganiyu


Shari’ah refers to a set of Islamic religious law that governs aspects of day-to-day life of a muslim in addition to religious rituals. Therefore, Shari’ah is the  recourse of Muslims in every case. Blasphemy is one of the categories that usually bring about religious misunderstanding which in turn affect peaceful  cohesion. This paper at hand reviews religious take on blasphemy as well as factors that determine individual’s reaction whenever it occurs. It gives  instance of the one that occur without any fatality and the nature of the people involved compared to the one that ends with causality. The writer was of  the opinion that islamicaly, the case of blasphemy has always been left for Allah to decide since the lifetime of the holy Prophet Muhammad. Some cases  of how the Prophet himself pardoned those that insulted and even attempted his murder were cited. Recommendations were proffered on how to handle  different cases of blasphemy. The paper concluded with its position on some recent cases of blasphemy in Nigeria and the anti-ethical Islamic  approaches which is a disrespect to constituted authority. Recommendations are proffered in line with Shar’ah perspectives, which includes improved  regulation of religious activities and religious preachings, need for peaceful coexistence among citizens of any nation amongst others. 


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eISSN: 2971-6632