Sustainable agriculture: A strategy for the future we need

  • Innocent Andrew Oguzor
  • Messiah Akugbo


Sustainable agriculture is a system that over the long term enhances environmental quality and efficient resource utilization for basic human food and  fibre needs while enhancing the quality of life for farmers and society in the present generation as well as preserving them for the future generation. This  paper examined the concept of sustainable agriculture, its components, principles, aims of sustainable agriculture and methods as well as benefits  of sustainable agriculture. It also highlighted the concept of organic farming. It concludes that sustainable agriculture is both philosophy-driven that  combines with a set of concrete farming practices. It therefore recommended among others that sustainable agriculture should be organically focused to  meet the need for the renewal of natural resources and secured environment; Organic farming as an aspect of sustainable agriculture should be the  focus of farmers in other to avoid the use of practices that are not environmentally friendly.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2971-6632