Socio-demographic correlates of sexual behaviours: A cross sectional survey of adolescents in Imo state secondary schools

  • EA Nwoke
  • JO Okafor
  • UM Chukwuocha
  • BO Nworuh
Keywords: Socio-Demographic, Correlates, Sexual, Behaviours, Adolescents


The study was designed to determine the socio- demographic correlates of sexual behaviours of the adolescents in Imo State secondary schools. Three objectives and three hypotheses were formulated to guide the study. A cross sectional survey design was used and sample size was 3360 (2.2%) adolescents. A structured, validated and reliable questionnaire (r = 0.79) and focus group discussion were used as the instruments for data collection. Data analysis was done using mean and ANOVA statistics. The result generally, showed that the average sexual behaviours of the adolescents were below the decision mean of 2.50 and as such the  adolescents were said to be sexually inactive. In Imo State secondary schools, various family sizes did not significantly influence the sexual behaviours of the adolescents (F- cal. 2.39, F-tab. 3.00 & P>0.05), family structure significantly influenced their sexual behaviours (F- cal. 17.78, F-tab. 3.00 & P<0.05) and different financial strengths influenced the adolescents sexual behaviours significantly (F- cal. 22.88, F-tab. 2.37 & P<0.05. Of great worry is that unrestricted/uncontrolled adolescents sexual
behaviours may expose them to sexually transmitted infections/HIV/AIDS, unwanted pregnancies, illegal abortion and dropping out of school. Thus comprehensive sex education was recommended.

Keywords: Socio-Demographic, Correlates, Sexual, Behaviours,  Adolescents


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