The role of agri-business incentive on under-five child immunization in Trans-Nzoia County

  • Otieno A. Sheilla
  • BM Wamalwa
  • NO Owuor
  • JAM Ottieno
  • V Ongoma
Keywords: Mortality, Immunization, Vaccination, Incentive, Maternal Health


Immunization is effective in the reduction of child infant morbidity and mortality. The client factors that influence under-five child guardian compliance to the immunization schedule are interlinked based on household characteristics, socioeconomic status of the family, and maternal health practices. An incentive to motivate the mothers to prioritize their child’s health practices especially on vaccination works perfectly towards the achievement of full immunization coverage. In this paper, sampled study carried out in Weonia Location, Trans Nzoia County in March 2014 whose target population were children under the age of five years. A multinomial logistic regression model used to analyze the determinant of partial or noneimmunized. Maternal health practices and access to a motivating intervention are significant factors that ensure a parent/guardian’s compliance to their child immunization. The study recommends sustainability and diversification of incentive as well as education of the community on the essence of vaccination.

Keywords: Mortality, Immunization, Vaccination, Incentive, Maternal Health


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eISSN: 0856-8960