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Schistosoma mansoni infection among patients visiting a health centre near Gilgel Gibe Dam, Jimma, South Western Ethiopia

G Abebe, M Kiros, L Golasa, A Zeynudin


Objective: Schistosomiasis is a global parasitic disease and ranks second to malaria in terms of socio-economic and public health importance in tropical and subtropical areas. It is a disease which remains a major health problem due to the lack of vaccines, the failure to eradicate the mollusc vector and the recent development of parasite resistance to antischistosome drugs.
Methods: A cross- sectional study was conducted to determine the prevalence of Schistosoma mansoni infection among patients visiting Assendabo health center, nearby Gilgel Gibe hydroelectric dam, South-Western Ethiopia.
Results: From the total of 198 patients with stool sample 21(10.61%) were positive for Schistosoma mansoni infection. Of the infected subjects, 11.6% had contact with water for one or more reasons.
Conclusion: The severity of infection and subsequent impact on the socio-cultural condition needs appropriate control measures especially where the water body which can act as habitat for the intermediate host is available.
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