*Corresponding author. E-mail: steve.decliff@ub.edu.bi ©Haramaya University, 2012 ISSN 1992-0407 Synthesis and Characterization of Lithium-Doped Lanthanum Titanate Oxide Materials for the Fabrication of a Solid-State Microbattery Rectifier for Use in Dire

  • S De Cliff
  • ML Post
  • I Davidson


Materials required for the fabrication of a micro lithium-ion battery have been synthesized. Coin cells made of the above materials showed very promising features for future development of microbatteries. Solid electrolytes with high lithium conductivity may serve as useful components for enabling novel  lithium ion battery system design. This work attempts to demonstrate the possible integration of lithium lanthanum titanate (Li0.390La0.537TiO3)  materials into an all-solid battery system with Li[Li1/3Ti5/3]O4 as anode material in combination with a high voltage spinel of the family  Li2(M1M2)xMn3-xO8 cathode, namely the Li2Co0.4Fe0.4Mn3.2O8 material. The cell operates along the expected voltage levels, demonstrating the  feasibility of this concept in the advanced lithium-ion battery technology.

Keywords: Lithium-ion; Solid Electrolyte; Perovskyte; Batteries; Microbatteries; Direct Methanol Fuel Cell; Fuel Cell


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