Development of Methanol Sensing Devices with Cobalt-dopted SrFeO2.5+x Thin-films Perovskites Prepared by Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD): Towards the Fabrication of Methanol Sensors for Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Applications

  • S De Cliff
  • ML Post
  • D Segall


Thin films of gas sensitive materials based on the SrFeO2.5+x  non-stoichiometric perovskite family were deposited onto an interdigitated gold electrode construction device by room temperature pulsed excimer laser deposition (RT-PLD). Two films sensors based on the SrFe1-yCoyO2.5+x oxides perovskite family, with y = 0.75 and 0.5 respectively, have been  presented. Their ability to very quickly respond to the presence of low  concentrations of methanol makes them attractive for construction of  methanol sensing devices, as gases monitoring sensors for either  environmental applications, or as an automated feedback sensor for  concentration measurement and control in a micro direct methanol fuel cell (ì-DMFC) power supply. In this paper, we report unpublished hitherto results first presented as poster during an Electrochemical Society Symposium session held at Queen University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Keywords: Fuel Cell; Methanol; Perovskite; Pulsed Laser Deposition; Sensor; Thin Film


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1992-0407