Registration of Morka Maize (Zea mays L.) Variety

  • T Leta
  • J Habte


Morka is a common name given to the maize (Zea mays L.) variety with the pedigree UCB S1 C2 after its official release. It is an open pollinated variety developed by the Jimma Agricultural Research Center from UCB after two cycles of S1 recurrent selection. Morka means “competent” in Afan Oromo language given to express its yield potential which is comparable to that of the popular hybrid variety, BH660, in the areas. Its performance was evaluated in field experiments carried out over two years in three locations environments where it gave mean grain yield of 8.7 t ha-1 and significantly (P < 0.01) out yielded the standard check (UCB) with a grain yield benefit of 30% (2.0 t ha-1). Better grain yield potential, significantly (P < 0.01) shorter plant height and lower ear placement, and superior tolerance to diseases and resistance to lodging than the original UCB are the desirable traits of this variety. Morka was recommended for commercial production in the mid altitude (1600-1800 m above sea level) agro-ecologies of Jimma and Illu Ababora Zones.

Keywords: Maize; Morka; Open Pollinated Variety; Recurrent Selection; Ukuruguru Composite B


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eISSN: 1992-0407