Knowledge, attitude and use of pain relief in labour among women attending ante-natal clinic at shalom community hospital, Athi river

  • JN Njiru
  • MA Esiromo
  • HO Omari


Objective: To find out the knowledge, attitude and practice of pain relief methods during labour among mothers attending antenatal clinics at Shalom Community Hospital, Athi River, Kenya.
Design: Cross Sectional study
Setting: Shalom Community Hospital, Athi River, Kenya
Subjects: Two hundred and seven participants attending antenatal clinics at the facility were recruited.
Results: The median age of the participants was 28 years and a median parity of one. Most of the study participants, 89.4%, were not aware of any pain relief method during labour. Among the 10.6% patients that were of a pain relief method, 54% had gotten the knowledge from the doctors. All the patients had experienced pain in labour with 72% rating the pain as severe pain. Only 37% of the patients were offered a pain relief method and the intramuscular injectable was offered to all. Majority (88%) of those offered a form of pain relief rated the pain relief method as ineffective. A majority of the women 93% would use a pain relief method in the next labour with epidural method being the most preferred method.
Conclusion: The level of knowledge of pain relief methods among mothers is low. There is need to integrate information on pain relief options in labour as part of antenatal services offered routinely. Epidural analgesia services should be enhanced.


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eISSN: 0012-835X