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PhD thesis defense

AM Kemoli
WO Ogara


A thesis oral defence is the culmination of research enquiryon a specific subject or project. The defence provides an opportunity for presentation and sustained argument in support of the findings. This is preceded by examination of the thesis by indipendent nominated examiners who do not communicate on the work as they grade the thesis. The examiners look for soundness of the methodology applied in research, its originality creativity, innovativeness, mpact to the fieldof the study and finally its suitability for the degree award. This presentation examines the completion process that culminates in the defence, in camera or in public, to a panel of examinerschosen by the university. The defence provides an opportunityfor final improvement of the thesiswith the candidate demonstratingthe understanding of the topic of research, the contribution of the research work to knowledge, whereas the panelof examinersenrich the final document by offering their indipendent expert opinion on the enquiry and to finally provide swift and just judgement of the work. Sectioins of methodology, findings and the critical approach used by the candidate in relating the findings to existing knowledge in the field of study, ditermine the quality of the work. Conclusions should show the significance and impact of the research product that also support applicable recommendations.