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Eales’ Disease: Case report

PW Atipo-Tsiba
FO Atipo-Tsiba
Y Tapsoba
B Ossibi Ibara


Eales’ disease is a retinal vasculopathy of unknown origin. Ischaemic step associated retinal perivasculitis. Neovascularisation step after the previous one, characterised by vitreous haemorrhage in relation with retinal neo vessels. This observation presents the first reported case of this pathology in Brazzaville. A man of 32 was followed for more than five episodes of vitreous haemorrhage over three years. These episodes had an average duration of two months, inter-spersed with complete clinical silence period of variable duration. During crises, visual acuity was under 2/10, and then it went back up to 10/10 spontaneously. Successive tests were normal: blood count, serologies (syphilis, HIV, Lyme), blood tests (converting enzyme, angiotensin II, calcium), tuberculin skin test, fluorescein angiography (FA), chest x-ray. The last episode was unusual, by the depth of visual impairment (light perception), by the existence of retinal neovascularisation (sea fan aspect). The outcome was favorable after retinal photocoagulation and corticotherapy.

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eISSN: 0012-835X