Knowledge and practice of new advances in occlusal caries diagnosis and early caries management among dentists in Nairobi

  • L.G. Edalia
  • B.A. Kassim


Objective: To determine the knowledge and practice of new advances in occlusal caries diagnosis and management of early carious lesions among dentists in Nairobi.

Design: Cross-sectional descriptive study.

Setting: Nairobi City County

Subjects: Registered dentists in clinical practice within Nairobi City County.

Results: Ninety one filled questionnaires were returned. Knowledge on advanced caries diagnostic methods was low with 25.8% of the participants reporting lack of knowledge on the same. A statistically significant association was established between years of practice and knowledge of advanced methods of caries diagnosis (p=0.048). High cost and unavailability of advanced diagnostic equipment were identified as the main limitations to the utilisation of advanced methods of occlusal caries diagnosis Most of the respondents (78%) indicated sticky fissures with evidence of demineralized enamel/discolouration of dentine as the main indicator for operative intervention with majority (67%) stating resin composite as the choice of material in management of these lesions.

Conclusion: Overall knowledge and utilisation of advanced diagnostic methods for occlusal caries among dentists in Nairobi was low. Sticky fissures with evidence of demineralised enamel or discoloration of underlying dentine were identified as main indicators for operative treatment for early carious lesions while resin composite was the most commonly employed restorative material.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 0012-835X