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Directly observed road safety compliance by Motor Cycle Riders after a 5- Year Road Safety Campaign in Naivasha, Kenya

W.A. Odhiambo
S. Hasan
C. Mock
J. Oyugi
E. Kagereki


Objective: To assess the extent of compliance with road safety regulations by  motorcycle riders following a five year road safety campaign in Naivasha town, Kenya.
Design: A cross sectional study.
Setting: Naivasha town, Nakuru county, Kenya.
Results: A total of 9,280 MCs ferrying 13,733 people were observed. Less than 1% complied with all the four road safety  requirements. The overall helmet wearing compliance was 31%. MC driver helmet compliance was 42% which was five times
higher than passenger helmet compliance. Female passengers were twice less likely to wear helmet than males.
Conclusion: Despite the five-year road safety campaign, compliance among MC users remains low particularly among the passengers and more so female passengers. Does Kenya need to rethink the motor cycle road safety policy?