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Risky sexual behaviours among HIV Sero-discordant individuals Attending defence forces Memorial Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya

J.M. Orina, F.M. Kyallo, J. Mutai, D.G. Magu


Backgound: HIV/AIDS pandemic is a great public health concern hence the need to identify interventions to prevent new infections among risk groups.
Objective: To determine risky sexual behaviours among HIV sero-discordant individuals attending Defence Forces Memorial Hospital (DFMH).
Design: A descriptive cross-sectional study
Setting: Defence Forces Memorial Hospital (DFMH) Nairobi.
Results: Eighty eight point six per cent (88.6%) study participants used condoms regularly during sexual intercourse with their partners, with a large number (95.7%) of those who did not use condoms citing less pleasure or discomfort during sex as their main reason. Most of those with multiple sexual partners (76.1%) had used a condom 12 months prior to the interview while 23.9% had had sex without condom use. Fifty eight (17.8%) participants engaged in sexual intercourse with other partners while
deployed away from their families while most of them (82.2%) did not.
Conclusion: There is need to enhance HIV interventions and preventive strategies among special risk groups in the society.

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