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Evaluation of erectile dysfunction among bicycle taxi (Boda boda) riders in Bungoma Town, Kenya

I.W. Wasike
E Cheserem
F Kagema


Background: Organic erectile dysfunction is common in elderly men but is not prevalent in men below 40 years of age. However, in addition to other known causes such as smoking, alcohol intake and diabetes mellitus, recent research has implicated bicycle riding as the cause of erectile dysfunction in much younger men. Even stationary bikes can cause trauma to the blood supply to the penis, resulting in Erectile Dysfunction.

Objective: To evaluate the effects of long term bicycle riding on erectile function among bicycle taxi (bodaboda) riders in Bungoma town.

Design: A cross-sectional comparative study.

Setting: Bungoma County, Kenya.

Subjects: Bicycle (boda boda) taxi riders in Bungoma Town

Results: A total of 230 participants were enrolled in this study of whom 115 were sugarcane cutters and 115 were bicycle taxi riders. The overall prevalence of erectile dysfunction among bicycle taxi riders was 35.9% and 34.0% among sugarcane cutters, was not significantly different. The period of riding in months was not significantly associated with erectile dysfunction among bicycle taxi riders but the length of riding in hours per week was significantly associated with erectile dysfunction p< 0.01. The risk of erectile dysfunction increased as the hours of riding per week increased. None of those who rode for more than 60 hours per week had a normal erectile function. The type of bicycle used was significantly associated with the quality of erection p<0.05, hardness of erection score p<0.05. Those who used mechanical (none motorised) bicycles had an increased risk for erectile dysfunction.

Conclusion: Longer hours of bicycle riding per week and use of non-motorised bicycles was associated with higher rates of erectile dysfunction among Boda boda taxi riders.

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eISSN: 0012-835X