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Prevalence and treatment of hypertension, diabetes and asthma in Kenya: A representative household survey in eight counties in 2016

K. Turpin
P.C. Rockers
T. Vian
M.A. Onyango
R. Laing
V. J. Wirtz


Objectives: In 2014, 27% of total deaths in Kenya were due to non-communicable diseases (NCDs). The objectives of this study were: 1) To report on the prevalence of households with members diagnosed and treated for hypertension, diabetes, and asthma in eight counties in Kenya, and 2) To explore possible reasons for the variation in prevalence of these three NCDs in the different counties. Design, Setting and

Subjects: A total of 7,870 households in a representative sample in eight Kenyan counties were screened for the presence of any non-communicable disease. Diagnosis and treatment data on these NCDs was collected and compared using county specific independent data from the 2014 Kenyan Demographic Health Survey (DHS).

Main Outcome Measures: Over all the eight surveyed counties, 10.7% of households reported having one or more individuals with an NCD. The county specific prevalence varied from 3% to 30.2%. Of the 7,870 households surveyed, 6.9% reported having a diagnosis of hypertension, 3.2% of asthma, and 2.3% of diabetes.

Results: The strongest explanatory variables for the variation in overall prevalence of NCDs related to access to health services and lifestyle risk factors. 

Conclusion: The prevalence of reported NCDs varies considerably between  counties in Kenya. Reasons may relate to a lack of access to diagnostic facilities or  ifferences in lifestyle risk factors. We recommend a comprehensive field survey of biometric, health access, and lifestyle risk factors to determine the true prevalence and related risk factors for NCDs in Kenya.

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