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Prevalence of malnutrition among under five year olds attending the maternal child health clinic at Busia County Refferal Hospital

S Boss, H Muroki, A Wawire, C Nyamwange


Objective: To determine the prevalence of malnutrition among under five-year-old children attending the maternal child health clinic (MCH) at Busia county referral hospital.

Study Design: A retrospective study

Study Setting: Busia County Referral Hospital in Busia County, western Kenya

Study Subjects/Participants: All children under five years attending the maternal child health clinic in BCRH from 1st June to 1st august 2018.

Results: Majority of the children were of good nutritional status 65%, followed by those who have mild acute malnutrition 23% and finally marasmus and kwashiorkor at 9.35% and 1.1% respectively. The most affected gender was females at 53.4%. Age group 6-23months was the majority at 79% followed by 0-5months at 11.04% and finally 24-59months at 9.9%. 84% had a MUAC reading that was normal and indicated normal nutritional status while just 11% had a MUAC reading that indicated risk for acute malnutrition and 5% had MUAC reading that indicated poor nutrition.

Conclusion: Majority of the children are of good nutritional status. The challenge is that those of poor nutritional status are significant as the prevalence is at 35%. The recommendation is that the county government should set aside enough funds to oversee countywide campaigns on nutrition, targeting specific cohorts within the community.

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