Congenital syphilis in an immunocompromised neonate: case report

  • AMO Shonubi
  • BA Salami
  • DO Oloruntoba
  • P Mohaleroe
  • SA Agbahowe


Syphilis is a notifiable and preventable disease, congenital syphilis more so. Consequently, attention has been recently focused on prenatal diagnosis of foetal syphilis by the use of ultrasonography apart from the conventional serologic screening. Congenital syphilis has not been reported from the Kingdom of Lesotho. We report the case of a 3.0kg male neonate with florid joint and bone lesions of congenital syphilis associated with HIV infection seen at the Queen Elizabeth II Hospital, Maseru, Kingdom of Lesotho. Co-existing HIV infection influences the clinical manifestation of syphilis, the progression of neurosyphilis and the response to standard therapy. The baby had the recommended standard treatment with good response and he was followed-up for a period of twelve months with serologic screening and radiographic evaluation.

East African Medical Journal Vol.80(12) 2003: 660-663

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 0012-835X