Non-surgical management of a chronic periapical lesion associated with traumatised maxillary central incisors: case report

  • GC Ogonji Division of Dental Services, Ministry of Health, Afya House, P.O. Box 30016, Nairobi, Kenya


A case is reported of a chronic periapical lesion involving maxillary central incisors with a history of traumatic injury eight years previously and subsequent development of a painful swelling that occasionally caused partial blockage of the nasal cavities. Retrograde surgery for removal of the suspected cystic lesion was scheduled. As a temporary measure before surgery, the necrotic pulp exudate was removed through standard endodontic access cavities prepared on the palatal surfaces of the crowns of the two central incisors, and a calcium hydroxide paste dressing material was placed inside the root canals up to the apices. The calcium hydroxide dressing was changed every four weeks and the case was followed up until healing of the periapical lesion occurred. The surgical procedure was postponed and finally cancelled when complete healing became evident in recall radiographs.

East African Medical Journal Vol. 81 No. 2 February 2004: 108-110

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eISSN: 0012-835X