Published: 2018-05-29

The Structured Operational Research and Training Initiative (SORT IT), second workshop using the national tuberculosis routinely collected program data

A Kihara, R Kosgei, O Ogutu, M Nga’ng’a, D Gathara, J Karumbi, N Kirui, E Omesa, J Karumbi, N Kirui, E Omesa, K Omwanwa, M Kilonzo, D Ondieki, M Kamau


Drug resistant tuberculosis in Kenya: trends, characteristics and treatment outcomes, 2008 – 2016

Jacqueline C. Louis, Eunice Omesa, Murima Ng’ang’a, Omanwa Kireki, Maureen Kamene, Enos Masini, Francis Kiio, Norah Maore, Japhet Chelimo, Omondi Ogutu, Nicholas Kirui


Evaluation of treatment outcomes and associated factors among patients managed for tuberculosis in Vihiga County, 2012‐ 2015

Paul W. Wekunda, Rose J. Kosgei, David Gathara, Nora Maore, Enos Masini, Eunice N. Omesa, Kamene Kimenye


Spatial and temporal distribution of notified tuberculosis cases in Nairobi County, Kenya, between 2012 and 2016

Norah K. Maore, Nicholas K. Kirui, Omanwa Kireki, Omondi Ogutu, Moses Owino, Thomas Ogaro, Elizabeth Mueni, Martin Mulonzi, Jacqueline C. Louis, Chelimo Japhet, Kamene Kimenye, Eunice Omesa, Enos Masini, Paul W. Wekunda, Murima Ng’ang’a


A retrospective review of mortality among TB patients in Kwale County, 2012‐2016

L Tanui, A.B. Kihara, J Karumbi, M.K. Kilonzo, D Ondieki, G Gwako, K Everlyn, C.M. Mwacha‐Kwasa, Enos Masini, Hajara El‐Busaidy, M Kamene, E Omesa


Outcomes of Kenyan children under five years of age, initiated on isoniazid preventive therapy following exposure to bacteriologically confirmed pulmonary tuberculosis, 2013-2016

Chelimo Japhet, Murima Ng’ang’a, Omanwa Kireki, Eunice Omesa, Norah Maore, Jacqueline C. Loui, Micah Cheburet, Diana Ondieki, Jamlick Karumbi, Benjamin Cheserem, Enos Masini, Kamene Kamenye, Omondi Ogutu, Nicholas Kirui


Characteristics and outcomes of tuberculosis patients who fail to smear convert at two months in Bungoma County, 2012‐2015

Robert S. Magomere, Rose J. Kosgei, Maureen Kamene, David Gathara, Nicholas Kirui, Paul Lodi, John Omondi, Enos Masini, Eunice Omesa


Analysis of survival patterns of TB‐HIV co‐infected patients in relation to timing of art initiation in Kiambu County, 2012‐2016

E.K. Kimani, J Karumbi, D Gathara, K Kilonzo, D Ondieki, G Gwako, E Omesa, M Kamene, Enos Masini, C.M. Mwancha‐Kwasa, L Tanui, M Ndititu, F Juma, J Mwangi, A.B. Kihara


Diagnostic methods and treatment outcomes for TB in children under 15 years in Kisii County, 2012-2016

J Omondi, E Kathure, D Gachara, R.J. Kosgei, P Wegunda, R Magomere, G Otomu, Enos Masini, M Kamene, E Omesa


Variations in methods of diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis at initiation of treatment in Kiambu County between 2012 and 2016

C.M. Mwancha‐Kwasa, J Karumbi, M Kilonzo, G Gwako, D Ondieki, L Tanui, F.M. Juma, M Nderitu, J Mwangi, K Kamenye, Enos Masini, E Kimani, A Kiharan


Treatment outcomes for drug resistant tuberculosis among children below 15 years in Kenya, 2010‐2016

Robert S. Magomere, Rose J. Kosgei, Maureen Kamene, Enos Masini, David Gathara, Nicholas Kirui, John Omondi, Eunice Omesa


Determination of the level of congruence between the geneXpert laboratory management information system and the TIBU surveillance system for Kiambu County TB patients, 2014 ‐2016

C.M. Mwancha‐Kwasa, D Gathara, M Kilonzo, G Gwako, D Ondieki, L Tanui, F.M. Juma, M Nderitu, J Mwangi, K Kamenye, E Kimani, Enos Masini, R Kiplimo, A Kihara, E Omesa


Comparison of demographic and clinical characteristics between pulmonary and extra-pulmonary tuberculosis patients in Kiambu County, 2012-2015

E.K. Kimani, A.B. Kihara, J Karumbi, M Kilonzo, D Ondieki, G Gwako, C.M. Mwacha‐Kwasa, L Tanui, M Ndiritu, F Juma, J Mwangi, Enos Masini, M Kamene, E Omesa


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