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Analysis of survival patterns of TB‐HIV co‐infected patients in relation to timing of art initiation in Kiambu County, 2012‐2016

E.K. Kimani, J Karumbi, D Gathara, K Kilonzo, D Ondieki, G Gwako, E Omesa, M Kamene, Enos Masini, C.M. Mwancha‐Kwasa, L Tanui, M Ndititu, F Juma, J Mwangi, A.B. Kihara


Background: TB‐HIV co‐infection remains a glaring challenge particularly in low resource countries. The end TB strategy is focused towards the reduction of all TB related mortality by 95% by 2035

Objective: To analyze the survival patterns of TB‐HIV co‐infected patients in Kiambu County

Design: Retrospective cross‐sectional study

Setting: Kiambu County, Kenya

Subjects: TB‐HIV co‐infected patients that were newly diagnosed with both tuberculosis and HIV infection.

Results: A total of 1,189 patients were included for the study. Tuberculosis was more prevalent among males 635 (53.4%) than females 554 (46.6%).The age group most affected was between 24‐35 years. Gatundu zone had the highest number of TB‐HIV co‐infected cases notified. There was a general decline in the total number of TB‐HIV co‐infected patients reported across 2012‐2016. Mortality was highest at <14 days 38.2%, followed by 15‐30days 32.2%, 30‐60days at 18.1% and was least in more than 60 days at 10.7% with ART initiation.

Conclusion: Survival of newly diagnosed TB and HIV co‐infected patients in Kiambu County was noted to improve when ART was initiated 14 days after TB treatment commencement.

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