A locally adapted functional outcome measurement score for total hip replacement in west Africa: introduction of the Ouaga score

  • L Dossche
  • J Noyez
  • B Quaghebeur
  • W Ouedraogo
  • E Kalmogho
Keywords: THR, Hip, Africa, Functional score, Hip replacement, Arthroscopy


Background: Functional outcome scores are often used to measure results of Total Hip Replacement (THR). Most current scoring systems were designed for use in Europe or North America and seem not optimally suited for a general West African setting. We introduce a cross-cultural adaptation of the Lequesne index as a new score.

Method: A new functional hip score, adapted to the West African setting and based on the Lequesne Index was introduced. To evaluate this score, the score questionnaire was completed by a group of patients in the Paul VI Hospital in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, who were possible candidates for hip replacement. Patients with hip fractures were excluded. Double scores acquired with a minimal interval of four weeks were analysed and test-retest reliability was assessed using intra-class correlation coefficient.

Results: Mean patient age was 43,3 years. All patients were able to answer all questions. Double scores were available in 21 patients. Intra-class correlation coefficient was 0.896 indicating very good correlation.

Conclusion: The current study has shown that the cross-cultural adaptation of the Lequesne Index, used as Ouaga Score. It can be obtained easily and is reliable in a general West African patient population. We recommend the use of the Ouaga Score for functional evaluation and follow-up of THR in West Africa.

Keywords: THR, Hip, Africa, Functional score, Hip replacement, Arthroscopy


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1994-1072
print ISSN: 1994-1072