Eastern Africa Social Science Research Review

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The Panacea of Psychological Nourishment to Caregivers Taking Care of HIV/AIDs Clients: The Case of the Kanye Community Home-based Care (CHBC) Programme in Botswana

SM Kang’ethe


The study is qualitative in design and explorative in nature, involving 82
registered primary caregivers and five CHBC nurses. The following
were found to be challenges affecting psychological provision to caregivers: inadequate counselling, inadequate motivation and incentives, caregivers’ inadequate confidence with traditional and spiritual healers, inadequate spiritual support from faith-based organizations, and lack of support groups and debriefings. The study recommends: increased counselling, increased motivation and incentives, creating a link between traditional/spiritual healers with the modern medical system, expediting the formation of support groups,
and having the programme institute and hold debriefings to increase the
psychological well-being of caregivers, thereby increasing care productivity.
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