HIV Infection among Orthopedic In-patients at Dil Chora Referral Hospital, Ethiopia

  • M Dessie


Background: In Health care centers receiving HIV positive patients the risk of occupational exposure is of special concern to Health Care Workers (HCW’s). Exposure to infected blood and body fluids due to needle stick injuries present greatest over all risk to medical personnel although in surgery ‘Cuts’ during operations are additional hazard. The objective of the study was to determine the Incidence of HIV infection among patients admitted to orthopedic ward in Dil chora referral Hospital.

Methods: Between may 2007 and May 2009, and After pre test counseling the incidence of HIV infection was determined For all patients admitted to our orthopedic ward using ‘Rapid tests’ as out-lined by Ethiopian Nutrition and Health Research Institute(ENHRI) guide lines. The patients were again counseled before being given their test results. All the data was recorded by the sole Author.

Results: A total of 731,525 male (72%), 206 Females (28%) were admitted during the two year study period. Out of these 28 patients (3.8%) were found to be infected by HIV; 17 (2.3%) were males, and 11 (1.5%) were females and the majority(96%) were between the age of 15-54 Years. The reason for admission among the HIV positive patients were Trauma in 20(71%), infections in 6 (21%) and other diagnosis of musculoskeletal disorders in 2(7%).Non-operative treatment was given for 16 (57%) and operative treatment for 12 (43%) of the HIV infected patients.

Conclusion: Implementation of universal Safety precautions (USP) for prevention of nosocomial infection is recommended.


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