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Abdominal injury at Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital, Uganda

G Ruhinda
P Kyamanywa
D Kitya
F Bajunirwe


Background: Trauma poses a major public health challenge in Africa. This study was aimed at determining the prevalence, patterns and predisposing factors of abdominal injury in Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital (MRRH).
Methods: A standard questionnaire was used to record the patterns, type and predisposing factors of injuries. All patients admitted to Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital (MRRH) with a diagnosis of abdominal injury over the study period made the study population.
Results: Abdominal trauma accounted for 14.23% of the 836 trauma admissions seen over the study period. Fifty two percent of the injuries had been sustained on the road. Males were five times more than females and the age range was 3-88 years, with a mode of 27 years. Blunt trauma accounted for 85.71% of abdominal injury, the spleen was injured in 43.7% and fractures were associated in 27.7%. Most patients (68.9 %) were managed nonoperatively.
Conclusion: Blunt abdominal injury was the commonest pattern of injury (85.7%). Abdominal trauma is a common emergency at Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital accounting for 14.23% of admissions due to injury. Most injuries are a result of road traffic crushes (47.1%) and assault. Alcohol consumption is a major predisposing factor. Peasants are more predisposed to abdominal injuries. Non-operative management of hemoperitoneum is safe in hemodynamically stable patients.

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eISSN: 2073-9990