Motorcycle Accident injuries seen at Kakamega Provincial Hospital in Kenya

  • M Khanbhai
  • MBL Lutomia


Background: Injuries related to motorcycles contribute significantly to the number of road traffic injuries This study was aimed at determining the pattern of injuries caused by motorcycle crash among patients seen at Kakamega provincial hospital in Kenya...
Methods: This was a cross sectional study which was conducted in Western Provincial Genaral Hospital, Kakamega. Medical records of 116 patients who were involved in motorcycle accidents were retrieved after ethical approval from the hospital administration. Data retrieved was stratified according to age and type of injury, which is presented using tables and mean mode and standard deviation calculated.
Results: There were 100 males and 16 females. Tibio fibular fractures predominated at 29.3%, with 25% of these being open and the rest closed, Femur fractures accounted for 19.8% and other injuries included chest (10.3%), soft tissue injuries (20.7%), head injuries (12.1%), foot injuries (3.4%), ankle injuries, hip dislocations and forearm bone fractures (1.7% each). No case of spinal injury was recorded. The fatal cases which accounted for 4.3% all uniformly presented had head injury.
Conclusion: Tibia-fibular injury is the commonest observed injury, and mortality is commonly associated with head injury.

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eISSN: 2073-9990