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The stimulating impact of elevated temperatures on growth and productivity of <i>Parthenium hysterophorus</i> L.

R T Kapoor


Invasive alien weeds pose a great threat to biodiversity by suppressing the native flora and causing negative impacts on crop yields. Parthenium hysterophorus is an exotic weed that causes nuisance and health hazard to mankind and animals, and is a danger to the environment. Experiments were conducted during summer and winter to understand the impact of different temperature conditions on the growth of Parthenium. Pot studies conducted at 22-300°C temperature conditions were considered as control. During summer at 35-450°C, various growth parameters significantly increased in comparison to the 7-150°C temperature regime in winter. Different biochemical constituents were also higher in the leaves during summer than in winter season. The present investigation clearly indicates that growth and productivity of Parthenium was directly proportional to the increase in atmospheric temperature, indicating the possibility of the influence of rising temperature on its invasiveness.

Keywords: Climate change