Anti-tumor activity of tetrodotoxin extracted from the Masked Puffer fish Arothron diadematus

  • FM Fouda
Keywords: Cancer, Ehrlich Ascite Carcinoma, Anti-tumor, TTX, Sodium channel blockers, MDA, GSH, SOD, GSHpx and GGT.


Anti-tumor activity of tetrodotoxins extracted from the skin of the Masked Puffer fish (Arothron diadematus) from the Red Sea was evaluated using the Ehrlich ascite carcinoma tumor model in mice.
Activity was assessed using a variety of cellular and liver biochemical parameters. Experimental mice were divided into 4 equal groups and injected intra-peritoneally with: saline (control); a sub-lethal
dose of the toxin (1\10 LD50); 1 ml of a solution containing 2 million ECA cancer cells; and both (1 ml of a solution containing 2 million ECA cancer cells and a sub-lethal dose of toxin). Subsets of mice
from each group were dissected after 3, 6, 9, and 12 days.
Statistical analyses demonstrated the following: - the anti-tumor activity of the toxin increased lifespan by 46%, in addition to decreasing the number of tumor cells. - There was also an obvious cytotoxic effect of tetrodotoxins on cells, leading to apoptosis and a
decrease in the volume of the peritoneal fluid. - The negative effects of tumor cells on the biochemical processes of liver was illustrated by an
increased release of MDA & GGT enzymes and fat oxidation, and a decreased release of both enzymes and anti-oxidation agents. These negative effects were relieved for 6 days after injection by toxin.

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