Egyptian Journal of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

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Assessment of provocative inflammatory role of tristetraprolin and tumor necrosis factor alpha genes expression in chronic kidney disease

Amany A. Saleh, Safaa I. Tayel, Nesreen G. El-Helbawy, Khaled Ma. Elzorkany


Renal inflammation is a prominent feature of chronic kidney disease (CKD). The determinants of renal function decay are not completely comprehended. Tristetraprolin (TTP) and tumor necrosis factor (TNF-α) are immune mediators and affect renal inflammation. This study was planned to estimate gene expression of both TTP and TNF-α in CKD. One hundred fifty subjects were rolled in this study (55 CKD patients with hypertension, 45 CKD patients without hypertension and 50 healthy subjects). Renal functions, lipid profile & blood glucose were estimated from serum. TTP and TNF-α genes expression were assessed from whole blood samples by real time PCR. The results showed that TTP expression was significantly down-regulated while TNF-α was up-regulated in CKD patients with and without hypertension compared with healthy controls. It could be concluded that TTP and TNF-α may have a provocative inflammatory role in renal illness and may be utilized as promising biomarkers and therapeutic focus in CKD.

Keywords: Chronic kidney disease; Inflammation; Tristetraprolin, Tumor necrosis factor

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